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Human Rights Law Essay Help

 Every person on the planet has the right to exercise their human rights regardless of their race, ethnicity, sex or religious beliefs. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to do so as the governments of some countries pass discriminating laws that make the situation with exercising human rights much worse.

In other words, human rights are fundamental rights and every one should be able to exercise every single one of their rights whenever they want. 

According to the International Human Rights Law, the governments of the countries have the obligation to promote human rights, as well as to make certain every citizen of their country has the ability to exercise each of them at any time. Speaking about the role of the United Nations in the process of protecting human rights in the world, the biggest achievement is the creation of the body of human rights law. This law is both internationally protected and universal. What is more, the United Nations organization has managed to create a number of mechanisms with the help of which it is easier to control whether people are able to exercise their human rights. It has also become easier to spot any violations of the law. 

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