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Bharat becomes the 13th country in world that can issue Internationally Accepted OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) Certificates

 OIML is an Intergovernmental organization which was established in 1955.  Bharat became it’s member in 1956. It has 63 Member States and 64 Corresponding Members.  Bharat has now become authority for issuing internationally accepted OIML certificate for selling weights & measures anywhere in the world.  To sell a weight or measure in the International market an OIML Pattern Approval certificate is mandatory, which Department of Consumer Affairs can issue now. 

Bharat follows OIML recommendations and procedures of testing and calibration of weights and measures.  The reports prepared by the Legal Metrology’s Regional Reference Standards Laboratories are now acceptable to the OIML issuing authorities. Now, Bharat is an authority for issue of OIML pattern approval certificates and can act as support system for indigenous manufacturers.  The domestic manufacturers can now export their weighing and measuring instrument worldwide without incurring additional testing fees, resulting in significant cost savings.

Bharat can also support the foreign manufacturers by issuing OIML pattern approval certificates from our certified RRSLs.  By issuing the OIML approval certificates of weighing & measuring instrument to the foreign manufacturers Bharat will also generate forex in terms of fees etc.

Bharat may now influence the OIML's policies and provide input to the OIML Strategy. This system allows OIML Certificates issued by OIML Issuing Authorities in OIML Member States to be accepted by other participants as the basis for issuing national or regional type approvals for measuring instrument.  The other OIML Members can thus issue national type approval certificates without the need for expensive test facilities by relying on these certificates.

Bharat now joins an exclusive group of nations, including Australia, Switzerland, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, and Slovakia, as the 13th country worldwide, authorized for issuing OIML approval certificates.

Today, we proudly announce Bharat’s ascent to the ranks of globally recognized OIML Certificates Issuing Authorities, a testament to our nation's commitment to quality standards and international trade facilitation.

Secretary (Consumer Affairs), Shri Rohit Kumar Singh, shared this significant achievement with the press during a conference, where a presentation and video were presented to illustrate the importance of this accomplishment.

Mr. Paul Dixon, Executive Secretary, OIML-CS, also joined from OIML’s Paris Headquarters for the briefing, re-affirming Bharat’s role as an OIML Certificates Issuing Authority and assuring continued cooperation.


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